Have you ever asked yourself, “Why did they buy that home?”

If you have ever sold a home, the answer is yes!  Why did they buy that home instead of mine?  My yard is bigger.  My kitchen is nicer.  My home is newer. For some buyers, the home they buy is nothing like what they said they needed.  Buyers come in with a list of wants […]

Should I sell in the winter or spring?

I have been asked this question many, many times over the years. The answer is this; in the spring you have more buyers, but you also have more competition on the market.  In the winter you may have less buyers but also less competition.  The buyers who brave the elements are usually very strong buyers […]

Lets talk wings here in Indy

Now lets talk wings here in Indy. In my opinion, as a wing aficionado, the top wings, hands down, are at the Keystone Sports Review on Keystone Avenue. Also, their Blue Cheese Dressing is wonderful. Try the Honey Hot. Second would be Wolfies Grill. They have 3 locations. The dry rub is the best. You […]

Coolers, Chicken Wings, and Fun!!

You may think I was going to talk about Real Estate, and eventually that will happen, but I decided I would use my first blog to talk about something else I really love. That would be Coolers, Chicken Wings, and Fun! Is a cooler just a cooler? Is a mountain just a mountain? Is an […]