Coolers, Chicken Wings, and Fun!!

You may think I was going to talk about Real Estate, and eventually that will happen, but I decided I would use my first blog to talk about something else I really love.

That would be Coolers, Chicken Wings, and Fun!

Is a cooler just a cooler? Is a mountain just a mountain? Is an ocean just and ocean? NO!

Neither is a cooler just a cooler.

Let me tell you about my top 3 choices for a cooler. Just follow my advice and I guarantee you that your day out will be a lot cooler!

mothershipFirst we have the large quantity cooler. You can get one with wheels or without. This is your ‘mother ship’ so to speak. It can hold a large quantity of ice and food/beverages. If you get one with wheels it transports easily. That’s great when you have a large area to navigate. The wheels, though, could make it a bit less secure in certain moving vehicles. If you don’t want that problem, get the Igloo Cube. This, too, is a large quantity cooler without wheels. It handles a lot of content and the ice will keep for days. With a ‘mother ship’ cooler, you simply bring along a 6 pack cooler, load it up from the ‘mothership’ with your immediate needs, and you can wander to and from the ship.

Next up we have the “walk about” cooler. This is a cooler that is small enough to transport easily and, most importantly, has a flat top. It can hold approximately 16 drinks. It is nice for tailgating or walking to and from an event. The best thing about this cooler, is the flat top. Feeling like you want to people watch? Just stop, sit your cooler down, and you instantly have a seat!!

My next favorite cooler is the Soft Side Cooler with a strap. For shorter trips where you do not need a large quantity of beverages, this would be the cooler of choice. It is lightweight. It is approximately 6 by 10 so it’s a great carrying size. The most important thing to remember when purchasing this cooler is to get one with a hard plastic liner or it will leak. This is not to say that the soft sider without the liner is worthless. It is easy to fold up and store and it’s great for carrying food. Just make sure you use an ice pack. Do not use real ice unless you plan to get wet.

There you have it. The Top 3. There are other coolers for other occasions. I will detail those little gems in a following blog so…………..