Lets talk wings here in Indy

bbq-chicken-wingsNow lets talk wings here in Indy.

In my opinion, as a wing aficionado, the top wings, hands down, are at the Keystone Sports Review on Keystone Avenue. Also, their Blue Cheese Dressing is wonderful. Try the Honey Hot.

Second would be Wolfies Grill. They have 3 locations. The dry rub is the best. You can get hot sauce or other sauces on the side. Ask for Nyla’s Blue Cheese. It is what Blue Cheese is meant to be!

After that they kind of run together but these are good: Buffalo Wild Wings, Fox and Hounds, and I am sure some others.

If you are going to make them yourself you can dazzle your friends easily.

Get the grease hot, hot before dropping in the wings. Don’t drop too many at once or you will cool down your oil. Stand Back!
When they float, pull them out and dip them quickly in Frank’s Hot Sauce. Voila! Awesome! You can always serve extra sauce but this way will keep them crispy.

For those who prefer their wings less fatty, try baking them. Coat your wings with honey. Then generously sprinkle caribbean seasoning on them. Cajun seasoning works fine, too. Bake them at 350 until desired crispiness. Make sure you do not layer them on the baking sheet. Leave room around each wing so heat gets to every side of wing. This usually takes 45 minutes so prepare for that. You don’t want them mushy or undercooked.

Enjoy, and do not hesitate to contact me with any of your questions.

Take care and make every day your best!!!