Should I sell in the winter or spring?

houseI have been asked this question many, many times over the years.

The answer is this; in the spring you have more buyers, but you also have more competition on the market. 

In the winter you may have less buyers but also less competition.  The buyers who brave the elements are usually very strong buyers with a strong motivation to buy.  The number of showings for your home may drop but the quality of your buyer increases.  

Personally, I have had great success in December and January.

Do what works best for you, and do not let the time of year dictate the move for you.

If you are on the market now, do not take your home off the market.  During the Holiday Season, homes smell wonderfully of home baked goods, and the decorations make everyone feel welcome.   Family comes in and it’s the perfect time for your buyer to show Mom and Dad the lovely home they found, namely yours!  Taking your home off the market does nothing to help, and you may miss your strong, motivated buyer.  

I am speaking of the Northern States.  In Southern States, this same principle works but in reverse.  

Homeownership is a wonderful thing!