Have you ever asked yourself, “Why did they buy that home?”

cape-cod3_tcm12-31471If you have ever sold a home, the answer is yes!  Why did they buy that home instead of mine?  My yard is bigger.  My kitchen is nicer.  My home is newer.

For some buyers, the home they buy is nothing like what they said they needed.  Buyers come in with a list of wants and needs.  A list that includes price, number of bedrooms and baths, the size of the lot, a basement but never anything about how they want to feel in their new home.

Buyers tend to make their decision on “that” home not based on a preset criteria but rather how it makes them feel.  They think “can I imagine my family having Thanksgiving in this home”?  Hosting get togethers on the back patio?  Can I picture my husband in his own man cave?  Does this room feel like a cool office or hobby room?   Could this home be cool to live in?  Who doesn’t want that?

They start thinking about everyday living.  This isn’t about square footage or a great buy.  Does it make you feel good?  Does this home make you smile?

This is why buyers buy a home that is so different than what they thought they wanted.  They start with a list that they have to have like a walk-in closet, or an extra room, or a 4-car garage.  When they see that house that makes them feel good, the lack of a walk-in closet doesn’t matter because they like it.  They like the way they feel when they are in that home.

Sometimes it is just that simple.  They like it.